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Claim Your Funds Today

If you have been contacted by one of our claim specialists, that's great news! It means that we have located lost assets belonging to you or a deceased relative.

Everyday we help corporations and individuals just like yourself recover money from unclaimed pensions, wages, insurance benefits, stock certificates, bank accounts, and other financial assets!

If you believe you may have overlooked assets waiting for you, click the button below to conduct a FREE search. 

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Who We Are

Provisions Recovery Group is a licensed and private-owned asset recovery firm, serving most states in the U.S. We research hundreds of government databases and locate millions of dollars from dormant accounts belonging to our clients. Our aim is to serve, educate, and equip you with the necessary tools needed to recover your funds.

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What We Do

After we locate your funds we will contact you to file your claim. With our recovery services, you will receive the exact amount you are owed at no upfront cost to you!

We incur all costs associated with your claim's processing - including attorney fees, notary costs, shipping expenses, and more! 

With your consent, we act as your personal representative to ensure that your claim is filed accurately and in accordance with state laws.

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Our Clients

Once we have completed your forms, the next step is receiving your check in the mail! We don't get paid until you paid - so rest assured that we take pride in helping to recover your funds!

We work closely with corporations, individuals, and state departments to ensure that your claim documentation is accurate and in compliance with state laws.

Click the button below to receive a call from us.

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Contact Us

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